Orlando Jet Charter

Orlando Jet Charter believes in providing private flyers with a jet charter services that exceed all expectations. Your time, privacy, charter flight preferences, and most importantly your safety are the most important aspects of your travel. Our jet charter brokers are available via phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to assist you with any request, question, or concern. It’s our attention to safety and details that set us apart from our competition.

Orlando Jet Charter

Orlando Jet Charter was formed to deliver a one-on-one consultative Orlando private jet charter experience to busy corporate executives, executive assistants, and leisure flyers. Our Orlando private jet charter company caters to many types of private flyers throughout the world. We are always here to help, and believe that no request is too big or too small, or too out of the ordinary. It is our commitment to arrange excellent jet charter flights, and we will never cut corners when it comes to your privacy, safety, or comfort. When using our Orlando Private Jet Charter, you can expect fast response times and an stress-free jet charter booking process.

Come visit Orlando for business, leisure, a round of golf, or to visit at theme park with your children! Arrive at one of Orlando’s Airports, step off the plane and walk directly to your limo or town car! If you are a “Snow-Bird” and plan to spend 3 weeks or more down south, make sure to ask us about our empty leg jet charters for savings on one-way flights.

Private Charter Flights to Central and North Florida

Our private jet charter services extend beyond the city of Orlando, from arranging charter flights throughout state of Florida to booking private flights throughout the rest of the United States and anywhere around the world – no request is too big, too small, or too out of the ordinary!

When you book a private flight with Orlando Jet Charter, you can arrange to fly into or out of (KMCO) Orlando International Airport or (KORL) Orlando Executive Airport; (KDAB) Daytona Beach International Airport or (KTPA) Tampa International Airport and (KPIE) Clearwater International Airport, along with many other local airports. If you are visiting the theme parks, the best private jet charter airport will be (KISM) Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Visitors connecting to a cruise out of Port Canaveral can arrive at (KMLB) Melbourne International Airport, located just 25 miles to the south.

Airports for Private Flights to Central & North Florida


(KMCO, MCO) Orlando International Airport, Orlando – Florida
Longest Runway: 12,004 feet

(KORL, ORL) Orlando Executive Airport, Orlando – Florida 
Longest Runway: 6,004 feet

(KISM, ISM) Kissimmee Gateway Airport, Kissimmee – Florida
Longest Runway: 6,001 feet

Daytona Beach

(KDAB, DAB) Daytona Beach International Airport, Volusia County – Florida
Longest Runway: 10,500 Feet

(KEVB, EVB) New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport, New Smyma Beach – Florida
Longest Runway: 4,319 Feet


(KTPF, TPF) Peter O. Knight Airport, Tampa – Florida
Longest Runway: 3,580 Feet

(KTPA, TPA) Tampa International Airport, Tampa – Florida
Longest Runway: 11,002 Feet

(KPIE, PIE) St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport, Clearwater – Florida
Longest Runway: 9,730 feet

(KSPG, SPG) Albert Whitted Airport, Saint Petersburg – Florida
Longest Runway: 3,677 Feet


(KJAX, JAX) Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport, Jacksonville – Florida
Longest Runway: 10,000 feet

(KVQQ, VQQ) Cecil Airport, Jacksonville – Florida
Longest Runway: 12,503 feet

(KSGJ, SGJ) Northeast Florida Regional Airport, St. Augustine – Florida
Longest Runway: 8,002 feet


(KCLW, CLW) Clearwater Air Park, Clearwater – Florida
Longest Runway: 4,600 Feet


(KGNV, GNV) Gainesville Regional Airport, Gainesville – Florida
Longest Runway: 7,504 feet

(KOCF, OCF) Ocala International Airport, Ocala – Florida
Longest Runway: 7,467 feet

(KLCQ, LCQ) Lake City Gateway Airport, Lake City – Florida
Longest Runway: 8,003 feet

(KCTY, CTY) Cross City Airport, Cross City – Florida
Longest Runway: 5,005 feet


(KMLB, MLB) Orlando Melbourne International Airport, Melbourne – Florida
Longest Runway: 10,181 feet

Panama City

(KECP, ECP) Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, Panama City – Florida
Longest Runway: 10,000 feet


(KPNS, PNS) Pensacola International Airport, Pensacola – Florida
Longest Runway: 7,004 Feet

(KCEW, CEW) Bob Sikes Airport, Crestview – Florida
Longest Runway: 8,005 Feet


(KSRQ, SRQ) Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport, Sarasota – Florida
Longest Runway: 9,500 Feet

(KVNC, VNC) Venice Municipal Airport, Venice – Florida
Longest Runway: 5,000 Feet


(KTLH, TLH) Tallahassee International Airport, Tallahassee – Florida
Longest Runway: 8,003 feet

South Florida Private Aviation

Our Orlando jet charter company is based in South Florida, and our experience in the industry has allowed us to form relationships, partnerships and other connections to provide outstanding, upscale travel services for our clientele. Looking to expand your South Florida private aviation horizons? Check out the following sites:


Orlando Luxury Concierge

Orlando Jet Charter has partnered with an Orlando based luxury concierge to offer our clients the most all-inclusive, luxurious Orlando vacation ever. Suntastic Service has over 20 years experience serving families and guests with the absolute best service available. In a perfect marriage with their executive concierge team, our jet charter brokers can get you to your destination with the same level of care and attention to detail found in your Park Pilot. From there, you’ll be in good hands with Suntastic Service as they escort you throughout your Orlando luxury excursion. Learn more about Suntastic Service and how our partnership benefits our private jet charter clientele.

Your Personal Aviation Assistant

Florida’s tourist attractions and high-profile business conventions at the Orange County Convention Center draw visitors from all over throughout the year. Orlando Jet Charter works directly with high-profile clients, executive flight departments and affluent leisure travelers to book private flights to Orlando area, surrounding destinations such as Tampa and Daytona Beach, and to/from anywhere else in the world. Whether you’re chartering a business jet for a team of executives attending a conference, chartering a jet with friends to the Gulf Coast for Spring Break, or bringing your family to experience the best of Disney, Universal Studios and their respective resorts, our team knows what it take to arrange these flights, and we go above and beyond to provide clients with service that is second to none.


Business/Executive Charter Flights

A popular destination for business aviation, Florida is home to several of the busiest airports for private flights. Daytona Beach (DAB) routinely ranks as one of the states busiest airports for private aviation. Flights are commonly scheduled to/from (TEB) Teterboro Airport and White Plains (HPN), with flight times typically lasting around 2 hours and 30 minutes; clients coming from the west coast frequently use Daytona Beach to/from (VNY) Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles as their preferred route. If you’re a personal assistant or work for a flight department and you need to arrange a private flight for your client, let our team be your personal assistant in private aviation. From custom routing and in-flight catering to special requests and ground transportation to/from the airport, let us take care of all of the aviation details for you or your client. Our team knows this business is about establishing relationships just as much as the dollars and cents, and our private aviation team is here to answer your questions to provide a transparent, one-on-one consultative experience when arranging private fights to Central and Northern Florida.

Wyvern Certified, our company meets and/or exceeds the safety standards and due diligence processes many corporate fleets and Fortune 500 companies apply to their business aircraft. The private jets we use are all operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers (or foreign equivalent), and we work to provide competitive, fair quotes for every trip. Our clients privacy, safety, and comfort is something we take very seriously, which is why we diligently review every detail found in the most recent Wyvern PASS reports for pilot safety, aircraft maintenance and operator history. If you have a private or corporate aircraft that is scheduled for routine maintenance, has a mechanical issue, or you need to arrange simultaneous trips for your business executives, supplemental charter flights can be arranged in as little as 4 to 6 hours. Orlando Jet Charter offers unlimited quotes with no commitment and no obligation – jet card members and fractional owners can compare our quotes to their current plan before reserving hours for future flights!

Private Aircraft for Charter Flights to Orlando

Orlando Jet Charter arranges private flights to all areas of Florida using the aircraft in the expanded list below. We work directly with private travelers, from leisure travelers and entertainers taking luxury vacations, to industry professionals and corporate teams traveling for business, and we can arrange the right aircraft and flight itinerary for your trip.

Private Aircraft Model/Type for Private Charter Flights to Orlando
Aircraft Type/SizeAircraft ModelAircraft Type/SizeAircraft Model
PistonBeech Baron 58Super Light JetCitation Excel
PistonBeech BonanzaSuper Light JetCitation XLS
PistonCessna 310Super Light JetCitation XLS+
PistonCessna 340Super Light JetFalcon 10
PistonCessna 414Super Light JetFalcon 100
PistonCessna 421Super Light JetLearjet 40 XR
PistonCirrus SR 22Super Light JetLearjet 45
PistonPiper PA-23 AztecMidsize JetLearjet 55
PistonPiper PA-31Midsize JetHawker 700 B
PistonPiper PA-34Midsize JetCitation III
PistonPiper PA-46Midsize JetCitation VII
Turbo PropBeech 1900DMidsize JetFalcon 20
Turbo PropCessna Caravan 208Midsize JetFalcon 20-5
Turbo PropCessna Conquest IIMidsize JetGulfstream G100
Turbo PropCessna Grand Caravan 208BMidsize JetGulfstream G150
Turbo PropCheyenne 400Midsize JetHawker 700
Turbo PropCheyenne IIMidsize JetHawker 700 A
Turbo PropSwearingen Metro IIMidsize JetHawker 750
Turbo PropTBM 850Midsize JetHawker 750XP
Turbo PropPiper Navajo ChieftainMidsize JetHawker 800
Turbo PropJetstream 41Midsize JetHawker 800 A
Turbo PropFairchild Metro III ExecutiveMidsize JetHawker 800 B
Turbo PropFairchild Metro IIIMidsize JetHawker 800 XP
Turbo PropFairchild Metro IIMidsize JetHawker 800 XPi
Turbo PropFairchild Merlin IVMidsize JetHawker 850 XP
Turbo PropDornier 328Midsize JetHawker 850 XPi
Turbo PropFairchild Metro 23Midsize JetHawker 900XP
Turbo PropJetstream 31Midsize JetIAI Astra
Turbo PropJetStream 32Midsize JetIAI Astra SPX
Turbo PropJetstream 32EPMidsize JetLearjet 55C
Turbo PropKing Air 100Midsize JetLearjet 60 XR
Turbo PropKing Air 200Midsize JetSabreliner 65
Turbo PropKing Air 200 BlackhawkMidsize JetWestwind I
Turbo PropKing Air 300Midsize JetWestwind II
Turbo PropKing Air 350Super Midsize JetChallenger 300
Turbo PropKing Air 350iSuper Midsize JetCitation Sovereign
Turbo PropKing Air 90Super Midsize JetCitation X
Turbo PropKing Air B100Super Midsize JetFalcon 50 EX
Turbo PropKing Air B200GTSuper Midsize JetFalcon 50
Turbo PropKing Air C90Super Midsize JetGulfstream G200
Turbo PropKing Air C90BSuper Midsize JetHawker 1000
Turbo PropKing Air C90GTiSuper Midsize JetHawker 4000
Turbo PropKing Air E90Heavy JetChallenger 600
Turbo PropKing Air F90Heavy JetChallenger 601
Turbo PropPiaggio AvantiHeavy JetChallenger 604
Turbo PropPiaggio Avanti IIHeavy Jetchallenger 605
Turbo PropPilatus PC-12Heavy JetChallenger 850
Turbo PropPilatus PC-6Heavy JetGulfstream II
Turbo PropSaab 340 AHeavy JetFalcon 2000 DX
Turbo PropSaab 340 BHeavy JetFalcon 2000
Entry Level Jet (VLJ)Cessna CitationJet (CJ)Heavy JetFalcon 2000 EX Easy
Entry Level Jet (VLJ)Citation CJ1Heavy JetFalcon 2000 LX
Entry Level Jet (VLJ)Citation CJ1+Heavy JetFalcon 900
Entry Level Jet (VLJ)Citation IHeavy JetFalcon 2000 EX
Entry Level Jet (VLJ)Citation MustangHeavy JetFalcon 900 B
Entry Level Jet (VLJ)Eclipse 500Heavy JetFalcon 900 C
Entry Level Jet (VLJ)Phenom 100Heavy JetFalcon 900 DX
Light JetBeechjet 400 AHeavy JetFalcon 900 EX
Light JetLearjet 28Heavy JetFalcon 900 EX Easy
Light JetCitation BravoHeavy JetGulfstream G300
Light JetCitation CJ2Heavy JetGulfstream G400
Light JetCitation CJ2+Heavy JetGulfstream G450
Light JetCitation CJ3Heavy JetGulfstream IIB
Light JetCitation Encore+Heavy JetGulfstream III
Light JetCitation IIHeavy JetGulfstream II-SP
Light JetCitation SIIHeavy JetGulfstream IV
Light JetCitation VHeavy JetGulfstream IV-SP
Light JetCitation V UltraHeavy JetLegacy 600
Light JetHawker 400 XPHeavy JetLegacy 650
Light JetLearjet 24Long Range JetFalcon 7X
Light JetLearjet 25Long Range JetGlobal 5000
Light JetLearjet 31Long Range JetGlobal Express
Light JetLearjet 35Long Range JetGlobal Express XRS
Light JetPhenom 300Long Range JetGulfstream G550
Light JetPremier IALong Range JetGulfstream V


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